One day trips from Milan without a car: Como and Bellagio on Lake Como

Published: 17th January 2009
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From Milan you don't need a car to take this day trip to the wonders of a magic garden on Lake Como, Bellagio: you just hop on a train of the "LeNord" private train company, and in less than one hour you are in a magic place of lakes, gardens and palaces. This is specially recommended in autumn and spring, when often you can leave the fog and cold of Milan to reach sun-shining lakefront views in the mild climate of the Lake Como. Of special interest is a visit during the azalea blooming season, when the gardens assume a wonderful set of different colors from the endless number of azaleas and rhododendrons present in the garden.

The "LeNord" trains depart right in the center of Milan, at the Cadorna station, the ones you are interested in, the "diretti" (direct) to Como stop also at the Bovisa-Politecnico station in Milan, and in the small town of Saronno before reaching Como Lago, a nice town on the Lake Como.

The recommended trains you can use for this trip depart from Cadorna at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 AM. Check the LeNord site for up-to-date scheduling information or if you want to leave at different times.

Once in Como you can visit the city before walking a few steps from the train station to the ferry landing station, and in a few minutes board the boat to Bellagio (the boat leaves from Como at 9:20, 10:00, 10:30 12:00 AM and 2:10 PM).

Since schedule changes with the season, double check the boat schedule on the site There are two kind of boat services, one with a slow, traditional boat, and the other one with a fast hydrofoil. I recommend that you spend your time on the slow boat, and admire the environment and the small villages at every stop of the boat.

Return to Milan

For your trip back you can do the same itinerary backwards leaving Bellagio with the boat towards Como at 3:50, 4:13, 4:42,5:05 and 6:15 PM, arriving in Como at 5:40,6:20, 6:40, 7:05 and 8:20 PM.

The train leaves Como at 7:46, 8:16 and 9:16 PM, and arriving in Milano at the Cadorna station after one hour.

Alternative return itinerary - 1

In alternative, from Bellagio you can take the ferry boat to Varenna, on the other side of Lake Como, where you can hop on a Trenitalia train to Milan. The ferry runs every 20 minutes, the train every two hours.

Alternative return itinerary - 2

In alternative, from Bellagio you can take the boat to Lecco, on the other side of Lake Como, where you can hop on a Trenitalia train to Milan.

The description of this trip (in reverse order) is in the page on Lecco-Bellagio.

Check the site, clicking the "Ramo di Lecco" selection for the schedule of the boats from Bellagio to Lecco.

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